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Fresh herbs: What do I do with the extra?

I don’t know about you but when I buy fresh herbs I usually end up with way more than I can reasonably use in the few days that it stays fresh. I have tried growing my own but I seem to have the touch of death when it comes to botany (I will keep trying though as I come from a family of farmers so it’s got to be in my blood somewhere, right?). Drying it seems pointless since I have a cupboard full of dried herbs and spices so I decided to try chopping it up then freezing it.

Now, I may just be a bit slow and you all already do this but SUCCESS!

Freezing those left over herbs means I always have “fresh” herbs to hand when I want them to cook with (not so good for garnish or uncooked recipes) without the waste of having more than I need lying around in my fridge. Plus the bags are really easy to refill when you’re getting low.


I’ve also found that if you suck out as much air as possible from the bags then frost is less likely to form inside the bags.

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